.Women On line(WOL) Israel welcomes Women participants "BEYOND EQUALITY TO EMPOWEREMENT" Lynn Sherr and Judge Barbara Pariente.

At the sound of ” Beit Terezin “ String Quartet And the beautiful view of the sea from Hilton hotel in Tel Aviv 150 Jewish career women fron US and Israel met . The reception was held by the American Jewish congress and LAHAV Tel Aviv University The panel was openned by Ann Lewis, Friends of Hillary Director of communication , who stressed that the challenge of the 21st is to also include women’s voices, talents,energies in order to resolve conflicts and promote our . Prof Hagit Messer Yaron ,Tel Aviv University described the under representation of women in science Barbara J. Pariente, Chief Justice of Florida Supreme Court concluded the session with an interesting review of the advancement of women in the judicial sectors and in Society. Pariente stated :" If women won`t be part of the solution they will be part of the problem.and that women should not want to adopt male behaviour patterns and standrds, but instead create their own.

http://www.lahav.ac.il for full seminar program



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