60 projects for Israel 60 Anniversarry

The prime minister of Georgia Mr. Lado Gurgenidze, and Economy Minister Mrs. Eka Sharashidze, in the Israel -Georgia Business Forum in Tbilisi, saluted Israel for her 60 the Anniversary and presented 60 new projects.

They also gave presentation which stressed the advantages in investing in Georgia , the new policy facilitating trade reducing taxes ,fighting corruption, the growth in GNP (12.4%) and other positive economic indices that demonstrates the strong economy. In a short interview with Mrs. Eka Sharashidze,she promised to promote the Business Women Forum that IA Chantladze with MCI and Ilana Cohen Women On Line Israel The Forum was initiated by the Chamber of Commerce Israel Georgia headed by Itzik Moshe. 300 participants from Israel and from Georgia attended the opening yesterday at the Marriott Courtyard hotel in Tbilisi . Together with the Prime Minister and Ia Chanteladze and the Georgian voices they sang Avinu Malkenu ,Hatikva and the Georgian anthem. The forum continued into the night with a cocktail and rich dinner in the elegant Sololakis Kari Restaurant.



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  • לאחר המקרה הטרגי של הרופא אשר עזר לבתו חולת הסרטן למות והתאבד,

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