IA CHANTLADZE Visit to Israel

The beautiful Georgian IA CHANTLADZE arrived in Israel for last preparations of the Israel Georgia business Forum to be held on the May 12th in Tbilisi, and in order to establish together with WOL the Women Business forum

The beautiful Georgian Millionairess IA CHANTLADZE. Singer and business woman arrived to Israel on a business trip in order to establish the Business Forum in Georgia IA CHANTLADZE was born into a "Physician" family, her mother father and brother are medical doctors however she wanted to be a diplomat Now at the age of 26 she is a graduate in International studies, a singer (she is performing from the age of 15!) and a successful business woman She owns MCI travel agency, real estate in Georgia and is involved in 3 hotels projects in Tbilisi and on the shore of the black sea in Georgia Recently she met with the French Actor Gerard de Pardier in Paris and his is planning to open a restaurant in one of IA`s hotels To my question how do businessmen react when they meet a young beautiful woman she answered that at the first moment there still exists a stereotype but afterwards when they start the business presentation they realize that the projects are entirely professional. When I asked Ia what is the secret of her success she answered that first of all she chooses projects of high quality and standards that she connects to,and then hard work.And indeed during her 3 days visit in Israel she didn`t have time to go down from Ramada hotel in Tel Aviv to the beach The main goal of her visit to Israel is to organize the Israel Georgia business Forum on the 12 of May in Tbilisi Georgia where she, Mr. Itzik Moshe , the Chairman of Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business and other entrepreneurs will present the economic potential of Georgia. When I asked Mr Itzik Moshe how many Israeli women will attend the forum he said that only two. So the next forum that Ia is planning with Women On Line Israel is a women business forum in Tbilisi as Ia puts it "women are doing business in different more elegant and successful ways". On the May forum 60 projects will be presented in honor of Israel 60 Anniversary. For this occasion the chamber of commerce produced a special CD with 5 songs the Hyms of Israel and Georgia and "Shema Israel" and "Avinu malkenu" sung by IA While filming and interviewing IA ,Gil Topas and I had the privilege of hearing the disk and I must say that it is very moving and gave us a great pleasure hearing and watching IA singing "Shehma Israel" on the beach in Tel Aviv. (soon to appear in WOL and ITUBE) My last question was about love and marriage Ia smiling said she believes it will come when it should come Until then we will all enjoy Ia singing and worldwide projects and next week .Forum in Tbilisi .



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