Women Instead of Generals

We are happy that since we published this article in WOL( in Hebrew) things are moving.First Mr Fouad Ben Eliezer appointed Mrs Ruth Yaron as IDF spokeman, and also we will issue the Zionist Women manifest at the Zionist Congress.

How have we reached this absurd situation? We are being beaten badly and yet condemned all over the world! We are innocent victims and yet presented in the world as heartless, blood thirsty warriors! How has this happened, why and how has the preparation of a suicide - kingdom been enabled, thriving right under our noses, for years? How has the entrance into Jenin become a necessity again? Frankly, it isn`t the right time to analyze these questions. But, it must be admitted - We have failed! We have failed in explaining to the world where the truth lies, the simple and naked facts! We failed to be the spokesmen of the soldiers who get killed and wounded everyday and are penetrated with belief there is no other choice, and yet they are constantly accused of performing atrocities . Lately, a great number of reactions has appeared on the internet and in the media concerning the situation. I will focus on three being notably representing. Mr. David Blumberg provides a chilling testimony of what the CNN reporter Andrea Koppel declared, meeting with him at a conference, about her attitude to Israel saying: " This is the beginning of the end of Israel" (the context can be found in the attached letter). Andrea Koppel is no other than the daughter of the renowned Jewish journalist and TV anchor, Ted Koppel. This lady`s ignorance of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and her obvious repulsion from Israel raise the question – who is responsible for the fact that a woman of such a large influence on masses of viewers releases these statements. We are. We must invest time and resources in order to teach this lady and her like, at least the bare facts, if not try and make her more biased towards our causes. The least we can do is not leave her attack unanswered. But nothing is done, not even the basic, let alone a planned strategic campaign. Contrary to this behavior, which evokes quiver, a light at the end of the tunnel of the world`s attack has appeared! Arianna Fallaci, an Italian journalist, has published an article in Curriere de la sera, showing great sympathy with Israel and disgust from the world`s conduct. The article has been passed from house to house on the net, from one friend to another, and has reached almost every Jewish home. True, this was badly needed to cheer people up, but the question should be asked if we, Jews and Israelis are the right target, even if it is so comforting. This was an act of convincing the convinced. Fallaci`s article is so mordant and unbiased condemning the cynicism of the fake Europeans and their forlorn conscience, opinions so bold not heard in a long time. The problem is that except for the one time shining appearance and large distribution among Jewish homes, who will remember her article in a week from now? Who will take care that these statements won`t be forgotten and be distributed among non Jews? Who is responsible? We are! Also, another heart warming letter appeared on the net. The letter of the Israeli writer Noami Regen, who thanks and strengthens the American Jewry for their support of Israel. This kind of voice is also needed at these harsh times in order to prolong and encourage the Jewish support in us. But, again, who will make sure that such letters and other manifestations of support will reach every Jewish home in the world? Again we are, only us, Israel! These three examples are of women! Women who have power and great influence on the media and therefore on the world`s public opinion .Yet it seems women`s voices are not used enough for the purpose of publicity, especially in Israel. The majority of commentators and publicity tasks are performed by generals, or ex-generals, by terror specialists mainly men. The voices of women, which always are the minority, are heard even less now. Naturally, women don`t hold key positions neither in the army nor in army matters and too little in politics. The preset situation makes it even more urgent for women to take part in publicity for generals evoke antagonism in public opinion and they are grasped as the cause of war and death. Now is the time to involve women in public relations. We call from here to enhance women`s involvement in publicity, women from fields like media, literature, universities and politics. The involvement should be active and aggressive like in a war, not less than the use of weapons in the real war. This is an appeal to establish a body for public relations which should be made up of people of the rank of Mr. Nataniahu but also of the man in the street, the soldier from Jenin, the relatives of those hurt by terror, and above all, more women. Women will soften peoples’ hearts , women will do a better job! The article from WOL- Women On Line (NESHER) First Portal for Women in Israel www.wol.co.il Tel Fax 09771471 056411040 pob 20802 Raanana 43519 ilanapc@israsrv.net.il

למאמר בעברית http://www.wol.co.il/magazine/press.asp?categoryCode=36&id=2807



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